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Pure manual processing stainless steel rope net loved by customers

Pure manual processing stainless steel rope net loved by customers

now machine products more and more, but this does not affect people enthusiasm for pure handmade products. Because of the limitation of pure handmade products with production, also has the production time and efficiency to the problems such as human and every working procedure is required to do, it gives him more value, because of the limited human is the most expensive.

what pure manual processing stainless steel rope network will be loved by customers and look good! Pure manual products, such as green environmental protection product, and our product is really green environmental protection product, even of the production process is also environmentally friendly. And content just for you, its output limits the production of products, and we are faced with is the world's 6 billion consumer market, so even if no amount of products will be sold out, and municipal units, construction units, as well as the community will need to use our stainless steel rope mesh.

so under the condition of supply shortage, stainless steel wire mesh has become the customers favorite products. We in the production and processing of various types of stainless steel wire mesh, specifications have 3 * 3 cm, 4 * 4 cm5 * 5 cm, macroporous have 10 * 10 cm, 12 * 12 cm, 15 * 15 cm, specifications, other specifications can be customized according to the requirements of. Because the rope net everybody to the requirement of size is not big, so the goods may be very little. If there is a perennial need we can do spot, as long as the specifications are, you can do a batch of keep the standby.

county wire mesh co. , LTD. , thanks to the new and old customers support, serve you wholeheartedly.

production: stainless steel wire mesh, animal fence, stainless steel net, stainless steel wire mesh, private networks (VPNS) nets, zoo animal cages, aviary nets, decorative rope net, protective rope mesh, wire mesh, stainless steel decorative green plant climbing ropes network, bridge protection stainless steel rope net, the stadium fence fence, etc.

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