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Professional stainless steel wire mesh piece of floor heating effect and specifications

Stainless steel wire mesh piece of floor heating with cold wire drawing, welding black wire, wire rod, wire drawing, wire drawing, etc.

floor heating stainless steel wire mesh specifications: silk warp in 1. 0 - 3. 0mm. Black wire welding, the welding point, mesh in 5 - 20 cm, according to the thickness choose different models of the mesh, mesh size 1 * 2 m.
in modern times, floor heating is the most commonly used welding mesh, mesh in every city in the north, individual buildings are laid floor heating, heating net applications, even the southern city also has a lot of installation of floor heating.
the role of stainless steel wire mesh piece in floor heating:
1. Fixed tube: laying on the surface of the insulation blanket stainless steel wire mesh nylon pierced with a fixed pipe, is characterized by the construction speed is faster, accurate positioning and pipe installation overall effect is good.
2. Strengthen the local bearing capacity of ground: in the processing workshop, garage on the ground load of the larger room, floor heating with stainless steel wire mesh can improve the overall strength of the ground formations, avoid crack, ground subsidence, etc.
3. Speed up the cooling: because the thermal conductivity of the stainless steel is very even stronger ground so heat
4. Prevent the ground cracks: stainless steel wire mesh must be in the middle of the tubing above the concrete and better
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