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Tensioned Rope

Tensioned Wire Rope Application
Tensioned wire rope has widely application. such as architectural tension cables, landscaping cables,balustrade infill,stucture,art work etc.
Tensioned Structure Cable
Structure Cable

Flexible Architectural stainless steel wire rope structure, lower initial building cost. All the cables and accessories are made of super 316 grade stainless steel, corrosion resistant, long working life, and almost no maintenance costs.

Tensioned Wire Rope Trellis
Wire Rope Trellis Systems

The stainless steel wire rope trellis suits large or small area of plant greening usage, simple structure, low intial building cost, easy fixing or DIY assembly. Candurs provides quality 316 ss wire rope, clamp, wire rope assembly, hardware etc. 

316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Assemblies
Stud - Stud Wire Rope Assembly

Part No.: 20101

Left side: stud end

Right side : stud end

Fork -Fork Wire Rope Assembly

Part No.: 24343

left side : fork end

Right Side : For end

Eye - Eye Wire Rope Assembly

Part No. : 24242

Left side : eye end

Right side : eye end

Fork-Fork Wire Rope Assembly

Part No. :24266

Left side : eye with turnbuckle

Right side: eye end

How to measure your wire rope assembly

The correct measure the wire rope size is very import. which reduces the risk of  installation. We need to measure the length (L) from outside threads to outside threads, pin centre to pin centre, eye center to eye center, we will confirm with the user before production.

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