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Printing special net cloth

Printing special net cloth

printing is mainly white gauze silk screen, printing, silk screen net yarn, circuit boards, PCB net yarn, etc.
products are standard, bore is clear. High precision, good performance, wear-resistant durable, long service life, etc. The product is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing, ceramics, glass, paper printing, advertising, advertising, arts and crafts, filtering, etc. At present and have established business relationship with many large and medium-sized enterprises, and the vast majority of customer recognition. My company is willing to high-quality products, sincere service. Establishing good relations with friends from all walks of life, create beautiful tomorrow.
screen material adhesiveness better network version of the service life is longer ink flow more appropriate, the printing effect is better screen production more convenient more economic benefit is more beneficial to the ecological environment of typical application: pattern printing electronic printing CD and DVD printing glass printing.
the company specializes in sales of various types of domestic and imported, yard ~ ( DPP) Net yarn, with high precision, stable tension, solvent resistance, mesh uniform Confucius etc.
our company import and domestic wholesale and retail all kinds of mesh net cloth, and processing all kinds of network edition, quantity is with preferential treatment, welcome calls negotiate!
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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