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The use of stainless steel net 316 followed the development of the economy becoming more ordinary, manufacturers in daily survival associated with stainless steel interest rates, but a lot of people know the function of the stainless steel is not much, take good care of 316 stainless steel plate we know that we have less health. Many people feel that the stainless steel is never rust, originally, good erosion resistance of stainless steel. Reason is caused a layer of surface passivation membrane, it in a more stable oxides in the natural world of form. Also that said, despite the stainless steel according to the applying condition difference, oxidation level is not the same, but in the end are oxidation, this phenomenon is usually called erosion. All exposed on the surface of metal erosion environment produce electrochemical reaction or chemical reaction, the average erosion. 316 stainless steel plate surface corrosion resistance of passivation film is weak, because of the self-excitation and cause pitting reaction, generate holes, plus there are near the chloride ion, to cause strong corrosive solution, the speed of the accelerated erosion reaction. The intergranular corrosion of the stainless steel internal cracking of all these, have destroyed on passive film on the surface of the stainless steel plate. On stainless steel surface, therefore, must be regularly clean nursing, in order to maintain its magnificent surface and long use life. In this paper, by the manufacturer, this paper views do not represent the views.
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