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in flood control, traffic, water conservancy construction, or stainless steel wire mesh often as a safety net, the use of the basic network. This is due to the use of stainless steel as the material of metal net, thus has corrosion resistance, high strength, good softening performance characteristics.
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method is that each time the mold lubricant is added, to ensure that its cooling and lubrication. When rendering the wicker silk weaving process, will form the rapid speed closed stainless steel net fault. The only way is to change the mold to ensure that this kind of phenomenon will not happen the wicker line. Mold piece of excessive consumption of natural channel, before and after the share of the fastening weaving barriers, broken wire display.
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in the self-excited by pitting reaction to produce holes, plus chlorine ion, lead to high corrosive reaction in solution of surface passivation membrane strength weak part of the erosion resistance of stainless steel plate, the response speed of accelerated erosion. Internal crystallization corrosion cracking of stainless steel, all of these, the stainless steel sheet surface passivation membrane destructive effect. Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the former gorgeous surface and prolong service life.
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how many orders due to the special properties of stainless steel, stainless steel crimped wire mesh used in industry require stricter stability. In the food industry for the preparation of the load have any food, chemicals used in the acid, alkali conditions screening and filter basket. Plating industry as pickling nets, oil industry as mud mesh, used for building decoration nets, auto oil-water separator.
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when stainless steel net belt device is too tight, mesh belt between the device and pressure will increase, equipment starts, may even increase the impact between the mesh belt with the machine. You know, the big impact will not only form a mesh belt wear, also can form mechanical equipment wear and tear, this will directly affect the service life of equipment and stainless steel mesh belt.
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what is the common type stainless steel screen mesh destruction? Stainless steel screen mesh products. But there are a series of strict mesh size. Particle gradation and the object, with the industry, agency line filter ability, the accepted standard stainless steel screen mesh wire mesh products made from stainless steel, stainless steel to a certain extent, this material will be destroyed and rust.
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however, the chemical composition in the air more and more. In places where pollution is more serious, even will rust. As a result, some items will be made by % nickel, make it more durable and corrosion. The stainless steel is called stainless steel. In the description of some tableware, has a similar statement, 'using stainless steel material.
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