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correspond to different mesh on the surface of the steel mesh adaptive standard value used convenient options, including an integrated overall appearance of rock properties and possesses the advantages of strong net surface color intensity.
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I corresponds to adjust good, and type I mean any amount long outdoor environment and use positive net.
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function, among them, the metal mesh can be described four features: filter, filter, protection, solid. Screen: mainly used in metallurgy, coal, rubber, oil, chemical industry, medicine, automobile, ceramics, glass and other industries of solid particles, powder, sieving. Filter: mainly used in oil industry as mud network, the chemical fiber net and plating industry as pickling liquid gas filtration and purification.
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stainless steel welded wire mesh characteristics: strong oxidation corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life. Here are a few of steel quality inspection process, when attached to the workpiece surface cold like lubricant, must have enough, wash with warm water, then on trichloroethylene degreasing agent, caustic soda solution degreasing, then heat treatment.
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the main products are: stainless steel wire mesh structure gate and mesh, stainless steel net, steel net, hook wire mesh and steel net, bumper welded mesh, welded wire mesh, aluminum net, MEG mesh, perforated wire, wire mesh, conveyer belt mesh, barbecue wire mesh, copper mesh, rolls mesh, woven wire mesh, nylon mesh, mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, stone cage net, net, steel net, steel plate and steel mesh, plastic flat net, sun-shade net, cotton net, building safety net, geotextiles, geogrid, deep web processing, etc.
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stainless steel and stainless steel screen mesh filter due to a kind of stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel screen mesh useful, but not based on the same can be a so-called stainless steel and stainless steel mesh filter. Stainless steel screen mesh is just as its name implies screening of articles, articles for screening of stainless steel wire mesh with good low temperature maintained.
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stainless steel mesh stainless steel surface dust and is easy to remove dirt, can use soap, weak detergent or warm water to clean. Stainless steel surface trademarks, thin film, clean with warm water, weak detergent, adhesive composition, with alcohol or organic solvent ( Ethyl ether, benzene) Scrub. Grease, oil and lubricating oil on the surface of the stainless steel with a soft cloth to clean, with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special scour to clean.
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