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Overview - silk screen mesh cloth White gauze silk screen printing, screen printing, silk screen mesh cloth, printing mesh

Overview screen printing mesh cloth

screen printing is used in our daily life can see all kinds of goods. Some are reflected in the surface, for example, posters, signs, brick of pottery and porcelain and car dashboard. And some is what we see, for example, as a mobile phone battery components and manufacturing process used in ultrathin display.
screen printing mesh cloth, is our main products, regardless of quality or production for the domestic first-class level. Widely used in electronic products, industrial glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, textile printing and other industries.
■ mesh: TS ( Mesh mesh)
■ yan color: white/yellow
■ material quality: % polyester
■. Weaving: plain weave,
■ single silk: is
product application:
■ electronics ( PCB) : TT( The eye)
■ bo glass: TT ( The eye)
■ brick of pottery and porcelain: TT ( The eye)
■ CD/DVD: TS( The eye)
■ stick flower: TT ( The eye)
■ package installs: TT ( The eye)
■ gold ( A signature) : TT( The eye)
■ plastic material ( PVC / PET / PC) : TT( The eye)
■ dye color: TT ( The eye)
■ screen printing used in packaging, textile printing, glass industry, ceramic tile, printed circuit boards, membrane switch, SMT, CD/DVD, size wide screen printing uv graphics, etc.
product features:
and high tension, low elongation
, mesh uniform, good network performance
and accurate printing precision control good wear-resisting printing, screen long life
and stability when the change, and emulsion have good fruit
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