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One hundred acres a night full of stainless steel wire mesh reason is for ZhuangHuangFei

Nanjing pukou DaXin Village top hill street, many residents here overnight the vegetable patch with stainless steel wire mesh, nursery stock, even the desert and reeds circle. Residents have learned, in a move to cope with the relevant departments of the photo evidence by inputting diddle decoration compensation for demolition.
yesterday morning, the reporter a line to the pukou clothing DaXin Village dah sing about 2 km to the south of the city community, stopped at the village in a middle-aged woman, she used the manpower tricycle dragged a bundle of green mesh, shipped to the nearby vegetable patch. The scene was spectacular, everywhere the stainless steel wire mesh and green set of stainless steel wire mesh, men and women, old and young, busy busy. The vegetables here, viability, forest, pastureland, ponds, and even reeds, circle are stainless steel wire mesh, did not give out some stainless steel net, is in the bundles. There are people in the demolition of a new set of stainless steel wire mesh, peddle off to another field. Also added to the
some stainless steel wire mesh material, such as stainless steel bent into a bow, every few meters away from a; And use stainless steel tube, as standing pile. But most of the stainless steel wire mesh just a put, the root has no fixed, leaning on a cucumber frame, a pull with the hand will fall down.
residents: circle even if 'decoration'

in the scene, reporter inquired about this matter. 'Decorate, calculate ZhuangHuangFei. Literally, you how much calculate how much. Somebody else can do, we'll follow behind to mix well. 'A middle-aged woman said with a smile, have a plenty of their own vegetable garden, have a plenty of wasteland, with stainless steel wire mesh, that even if her home, demolition, then even if ZhuangHuangFei.

and some villagers for more compensation, but also their field ditch, bushes and trees all around.

these stainless steel wire mesh is the day before yesterday evening to assault set yesterday morning, circle after, there will be two of the community staff come and take photos. Took a picture, they fields have stainless steel wire mesh is established fact, when the demolition is sure to receive compensation.

in the scene saw the stranger, staff had just made the two communities, the villagers would quickly will just around good stainless steel screen tear down and rolled up again, and then look at the two community workers where to take photos, the villagers continue enclosure is carried the stainless steel wire mesh with the past. 'Go, go ahead to make, they go to the amount. 'A villager greeting others.

strange: staff just 'evidence'

the pictures of the two community workers, residents with very well, they turned a circle at the scene, and then to the household villagers circle after good to take a picture and left. Residents when they take pictures, not at all, so pulling stainless steel wire mesh, talking and laughing even greet with staff, ask demolition. Even according to after they finished, they will be of stainless steel wire mesh tear down, they turned a blind eye to, photographed in turn.

'when he's just photography, brings on the net, is bounded to the net. 'The person said, the two men is a community of accounting, one is the daxing village cadres, they actually know you pull the purpose of the stainless steel wire mesh enclosure, just playing dumb. They keep these photos on file, even if the evidence.

near noon time, the two community staff but to lunch. Reporters in the past ask stainless steel wire mesh is there any compensation. 'Their personal do well, every household well. 'One of the middle-aged man said, they just take pictures forensics, don't know is there any compensation.

community director: this shall be zero compensation

reporter then to hill street office know about the matter. The relevant person in charge of the street to shout to daxing community a staff member to explain, who happens to be a reporter at the scene with evidence of one of the staff. Found at the scene, he said, this kind of situation, had to stop for many times, but no effect. Then left 'declined to be interviewed.

then to daxing community director li said, because the plot is likely to be involved in demolition in the future, they shall be carried out in accordance with the streets asked about the present situation of the land register and take pictures, video information is retained, private and built on the land, planted busy planting rob, destruction of the original land use purposes and villagers to foreign leasing activities focus on strengthening management. Evidence collection work is completed, signed by the household farmers on the present situation of land pictures to confirm, avoid future green crops to honour, requisition land demolition cause the new disputes, didn't think the villagers will come up with this way to defraud the compensation.

director li said, whether or not demolition demolition, the minority villagers this assault set stainless steel wire mesh, in an attempt to defraud the behavior of compensation is not allowed, in vain, all new Settings, retainer from zero compensation.
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