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On the zinc content in the zinc plated stainless steel wire mesh

Compared with ordinary stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized stainless steel wire mesh has good anti-rust anticorrosive, so many customers friend requirements when choosing series products of stainless steel wire mesh galvanized, some customers friends also have specific request for zinc on, requirements on the zinc content is not lower than this much. Galvanized stainless stainless steel wire refers to the amount of zinc on every square metre stainless steel stainless stainless steel wire surface quality of zinc, namely, square meters, we often omit sq m units, say how many grams of zinc on commonly, such as zinc on 50 grams, 60 grams, 200 grams, etc. Divided into hot and cold plated on galvanized. Cold is electrolytic plating reaction, hot plating is high temperature reaction. Large amount of hot than cold on the plating zinc. In general, the amount of on zinc plating for 4 - 13 grams of square meters, the hot dipped zinc for 30 - 50 grams of square meters, 60 70 square meters, the greater the amount of zinc, the higher the price, the greater the amount of zinc, anticorrosion, the better. From the outside, cold plating is bright, uniform zinc layer, hot hair black, plated zinc layer is uneven. To judge a good product, just judging from appearance, appearance beautiful is not necessarily good. More and less the amount of zinc, zinc plating is good or bad, directly affect the rust corrosion of stainless steel wire mesh products, on different levels of zinc is look not to come out from the appearance, testing is not easy, so galvanized is very opaque a link, can say on 30 grams of zinc amount is 50 grams, in use process for is found. From a host of galvanized manufacturers choose high quality galvanized factory is a not easy thing. Exactly enough amount of zinc, galvanized process whether or not qualified, if judging from the naked eye, don't care about the color on the surface of the galvanized, regardless of the hot dip galvanized layer surface, cold galvanizing, over time the surface will become dark, and should see the surface smoothness and evenness. If there are a lot of pitting surface, with the hand a touch feel acerbity acerbity is unqualified, in the process of production of stainless steel wire mesh, crimped wire, if the galvanized is unqualified, after crimped wire wheel rolling, there will be the zinc layer falls off phenomenon, the surface of the silk has a burr phenomenon. The judge can only be used for cold galvanized wire, hot dip galvanized wire or hot plating or electroplating after not.

more accurate on the amount of zinc galvanized wire detection:
in the first place, ready to tools: micrometer, apparently, sulfur acid;
second, galvanized wire, weighing, and then use micrometer wire diameter measurement; Third,
in the sulphuric acid in a sample of the time;
4, after acid pickling to zinc, dry weigh, weight of the to zinc stainless stainless steel wire;
5, set into the formula.
formula is: ( Samples - To sample weight after zinc) After go after zinc weight X1960 zinc wire diameter ( mm) = the amount of zinc, among them, the unit of weight for g ( g) Unit, the amount of zinc is grams per square meter ( g㎡) 。
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