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stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel surface to remove dust and dirt, with soap, detergent or weak clean warm water. Trademark stainless steel surface, foil, wash with warm water and detergent weak glue combination, the use of alcohol or organic solvent ( Diethyl ether, benzene) Scrub. Grease, oil, oil contamination on the surface of the stainless steel, with a clean soft cloth, or after, the ammonia with a neutral detergent solution or use the detergent for cleaning.
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in the air pollution, For example, contains a large amount of sulfur in the air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides) , under the condition of condensation water form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid solution, caused by chemical etching. Containing acid stainless steel adhesive, alkali, salt, Such as wall decoration alkaline, lime spray water) , cause some corrosion.
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function, among them, the metal mesh can be described four features: filter, filter, protection, solid. Screen: mainly used in metallurgy, coal, rubber, oil, chemical industry, medicine, automobile, ceramics, glass and other industries of solid particles, powder, sieving. Filter: mainly used in oil industry as mud network, the chemical fiber net and plating industry as pickling liquid gas filtration and purification.
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compared with traditional materials, aluminum material hardness greater resistance to tensile force and impact, has better flexibility. With stainless steel net external oxide processing outside the polarity of piece together, the product has high corrosion resistance.
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stainless steel wire mesh can be cut the most narrow cm, namely, stainless steel wire mesh strip. Stainless steel wire mesh can be used in the manufacture of all kinds of stainless steel mesh, mesh filter, filter cage, stainless steel top, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel, stainless steel pet cage turnover box sample sieve, etc.
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analysis is the first of its kind in the plasma arc welding of arc column Angle than that in the same welding conditions, the plasma arc heating area ratio? 吗? Hot welding area is small, spot welding instead of require relatively small easy to meet. Second, high humidity, plasma arc beam energy density is big, and as a result, hot welding normal concentration, penetrating ability. As a result, the sheet can be smaller welding? According to the measure, welding. 吗? 。 After spot welding between mm to meet the requirements.
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stainless steel mesh is a kind of wear resistant material with a long history. Under the poor working conditions is not easy to produce the plastic instability, but with good abrasion resistance. Stainless steel mesh is a metal used in screening and filtering net structure components. Stainless steel mesh has high strength, stiffness and bearing capacity, can be made into various shapes of the rigid mesh and filter device.
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