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in the high frequency screen, use the mesh. The size of the particles is determined by the screen directly. However, the same characteristics of the mesh, wire mesh and galvanized mesh, mesh itself is the same external features, such as wire diameter, mesh, length, width of the same features, such as, mesh is the embodiment of the same characteristics mesh specific play of use value. Stainless steel screen mesh precision is the key factor of affecting the particle size. Screen, as it were, in the leading position of sieving machine is immeasurable.
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the outer edge of the screen mesh surface hardness is ali referral of steel mesh material is manganese steel screen can describe ali keane steel and different appearance, but the use of the value of the iron and steel specification values, have different habits will I enter manganese steel screen appearance is tragic drama. It can also be used for two sink meshing quality specification for Roy keane.
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stainless steel crimped wire mesh, etc. Various kinds of stainless steel square wire mesh screen is widely used for screening of solid materials, filter, filter the liquid. It involves many fields, such as chemical industry, food and condiment industry, mining, pharmaceutical, paper, metal powder, chemical fertilizer industry. Copying is applied to gas, liquid, and other filter medium separation compact mat type nets, stainless steel is widely used for precision pressure filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter etc industries.
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material: stainless steel wire is SUS,, L, L, In the technology progress of the knitting to join the pure nickel wire, low carbon steel and other materials) 。 Features: acid, alkali, high temperature, tension and abrasion resistance, with filtering function stability, accuracy, high precision and gives a special filtering capabilities.
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stainless steel stainless steel network network ~, twill network ~ mesh, stainless steel precision stainless steel network ~. This kind of high precision stainless steel net custom import L stainless stainless steel wire as raw material, USES the pure import loom woven.
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screen stainless steel filter bag, is refers to the use of stainless steel sheet or stainless steel screen corresponding to the size of the incisions, made bag rules of consumer information processing. Common materials, used in liquid filtration material is and L is the difference between two main another with cascade chromium and nickel, stainless steel ring opening and use of bag by rolling into wavy net, right Angle of a content production. How do
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the most important thing is to pay attention to the diameter of the stainless steel wire mesh screen to coarse, ordinary fine stainless steel wire mesh in diameter. 毫米。 Mm, between the diameter of the thick stainless steel wire mesh to between MMMM. Above is the difference between the two products. In fact, the function of both products is almost the same. However, because of the different performance, they are applied in different places. In a word, the two products is the best in the wire mesh stainless steel, trusted by the people in the industry.
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