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No stainless steel wire ball, 1 piece of paper to remove stain stainless stainless steel pot, bright luster - recovery News and information - Business information -

Home of the boiler, stainless stainless steel pot, just buy beautiful appearance and fine structure. But surface after used for a period of time, will have a dark yellow stains, many people and wiped his feet with stainless steel wire ball, not only easy and it's easy to hurt the pot body! Coup sister today will bring you a easy method to remove the stain stainless stainless steel, and see it quickly! In order to facilitate comparison, we clean the bottom of the pot! Very simple, as long as we prepare white vinegar, salt and paper towel is ok! First we pour a little white vinegar, then sprinkle with a little salt, a wipe, and give it put even a little! And then cover them with a paper towel, then pour on the white vinegar, put the wet paper towels! So as to apply a mask stainless stainless steel pan! Ok, we let it rest for 20 minutes. If dirt is too heavy, we can also make it more quiet place for a while! Ok, time's up! We'll uncover a tissue to witness the miracle! Has, apply the position of the paper towel is all turned white! Watch carefully and a little stain! It doesn't matter, we'll brush a brush with wool cloth! You see, to clean up also is very simple, stain just disappeared, like new! Isn't it amazing to be very practical!
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