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there are a lot of customer consultation stainless steel wire mesh, mesh wisdom but ask don't understand the material, the material whether magnetic stainless steel wire mesh, wire, wire rod, L line, line, line, L line, line, line, L, nickel wire, TA wire, metal wire, molybdenum wire, etc. , using different types of stainless steel wire in the background is not the same.
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this capability allows designers to reduce weight in the design of the product, make the alloy is more than the price advantage and L; Particularly suited to the alloy ° F / + ° F temperature scale, the scale is beyond this temperature is used, this kind of alloy can also imagine, but there are some restrictions, especially used in time-division duplex stainless steel welded structure on the basis of the second generation of duplex stainless steel.
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reliable stainless steel mesh filter precision, High compressive strength. High temperature, resistance to chemical corrosion; Wear resistance; Good formability. Options screen is coal, iron ore, industrial, chemical raw materials excellent natural products, is the advance of society by the body of tiny cells, its indirect or direct influence on the development of the society. Choose according to sieve sieve selective main features.
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now, whether in the industrial production and operation, such as food processing industry is still in the transport process materials such as coal, stainless steel wire mesh is very common in the use of the frequency. But to ensure that relevant personnel assumption and then use the stainless steel mesh belt in the process of role better use of the word, they must be good at shooting action. Marble stainless steel mesh door

how cleaning stainless steel net cylinder material: stainless steel net, stainless steel square wire mesh. Features: adopts single layer or multi-layer metal mesh, wire mesh layers and number of objects with different conditions of use and purpose is different, with the heart rate is high, high pressure, good linearity, stainless steel material, no burr, long service life.
how la shan au to see Zhang for stainless steel wire mesh packing
screen often progress, cooperate to be not close, if the screen frame screen tension screen mesh, lead to simple shaking sieve, lead to sieve rim or bead on the edge of the encapsulation of crack or damage. If not evenly screen mesh tension, lead to the edge of the discontinuity, when the device is sieve sieve can lead to fracture.
how enshi stainless steel sheet with
so, stainless steel wire mesh in such aspects as material, wire diameter, mesh have different application scope, widely applicable to the corresponding specification data. And in addition, it also puts forward the filter or filter output of application process corresponding to the concept of the application of wire and mesh size. Visible, stainless steel screen mesh after filtering, wire diameter smaller.
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