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Nickel screen in addition to wipe equipment quality basic knowledge is introduced

Silk screen in addition to wipe the basic knowledge of equipment quality nickel

nickel is one of the screen in addition to the device with the original material.
in nature, the main nickel mine is the red nickel mine ( Nickel arsenide) With the fai arsenic nickel mine ( Sulfur nickel arsenide) 。 Cuba is one of the world's most famous contain nickel countries, also have a large amount of nickel in the Dominican republic.
metal nickel is mainly used in electroplating industry, nickel plated item is beautiful, clean, and not easy to rust. Very fine nickel powder, in the chemical industry used as catalyst. 文档。 write( ” ” ) ; xno = xno+;
nickel used in the manufacture of alloy. Nickel in steels, and can improve the mechanical strength. % increased. Kg/mm. Nickel steel used to make the machine under high pressure, impact and under reciprocating load some parts, such as turbine blades, crankshaft, connecting rod, etc. Nickel %, containing carbon. % nickel steel, its expansion coefficient is very small, almost no heat bilges cold shrink, used to make a variety of precision machinery, precision gauges, etc. % of high nickel steel, call & other; Class platinum & throughout; Because it's expansion coefficient is similar to platinum, glass, this high nickel steel can be welded to the glass. Is very important in the light bulb production, but as a substitute of platinum wire. Some precision through picture frame, also made from this kind of platinum steel, the lens will not falling from the box by heat bilges cold shrink. % manganese alloy consisting of, has a great deal of resistance, used for manufacturing various varistor and electric heater.
titanium nickel alloy has & other; Memory & throughout; Ability, and memory is very strong, after a long time, repeated millions of times are accurate. It's & other; Memory & throughout; Can do is remember its original shape, so people call it & other; Shape memory alloy & throughout; 。 This alloy has a characteristic transition temperature, above the transition temperature, it is a kind of organizational structure, and under the transition temperature, it is another kind of organizational structure. The structure, performance is different. For example, a nickel titanium memory alloy, when it is above the transition temperature, is very hard, strength, and under this temperature, it is very soft, easy to manufacture. What shape memory so that when we need it, just make it a kind of shape, this is it & other Permanent memory & other; Shape, below the transition temperature, because it is very soft, we can in a considerable degree of arbitrary deformation. When need it to restore to its original shape, as long as it is heated to just above the transition temperature.
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