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New USES of the stainless steel wire mesh in the farmhouse

Into the farmyard, hebei every family in the court put a huge 'stainless steel wire mesh bed'. See here the reader might say the stainless steel wire mesh must be have a rest on bed with bai. And you can guess wrong! The stainless steel wire mesh bed is the bed of the bed is several times than ever before, it is used to exposure the marinated channels for the pickles.
in our hebei folk popular a kind of traditional technology of stew. Spring comes at a time is a good time to peasant stew pickle. Let's stew of pickle is an excellent appetizers. There are many varieties of it. Here I give our analysis of a kind of the most famous, is also the most popular farewell stew pickle - — Braised Jerusalem artichoke.
Jerusalem artichoke and Jerusalem artichoke. Gan, ping, non-toxic. Favorable water to wet, and the stomach and the benefit of heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, for diuretics. Jerusalem artichoke of wide use.

in recent years, research found that Jerusalem artichoke has two-way regulating effect on blood sugar, which can make the blood sugar in diabetic patients, on the one hand, on the other hand, can make patients with low blood glucose.
the process:
fresh Jerusalem artichokes to clean and drain well, sprinkle with salt to add water to take it out to dry, clean, put in the pot stew.
operating standards:
1, remove the Jerusalem artichoke stalks after clean clean.

2, in container drain the water. ( If it is a large-scale pickled or vacuum suction machine blot moisture)
3, drain well, put put a layer of Jerusalem artichoke pickled cylinder and a layer of salt. Until it finished.

4, to participate in the above the water to Jerusalem artichoke.
5, pickled ruwei, take it out on dry 'stainless steel wire mesh bed'.
6, Jerusalem artichoke dry again after cleaning, put the pot in salted water of Jerusalem artichoke. Beginning stew.

stew good Jerusalem artichokes in salty and sweet taste, soft and delicious. With digestion, eliminate fat and regulate spleen and stomach effect, for urbanites. It is the indispensable appetizing farmhouse pickle.
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