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Aquaculture kinds, the maintenance of the network with the use of plastic mesh and metal mesh for maintenance equipment construction. Plastic mesh use range is 5 mm - 25 mm, thickness is 1 mm - plastic net 4 mm, scale is 1 m, 1. 2 m, 1. 5 meters, 1. 8 meters, 2 meters, length is 50 meters. Plastic screen have different ways of white, black, gray and different particles. The application of plastic screen to defend the net at first by the effects of natural elements and the objective facts of blowing screen. Test of plastic screen anti-aging function, define the primary use of the plastic protective screen in the outdoor. The characteristic. Then we introduce the type of metal mesh, metal mesh can be divided into network of welding and weaving, the use of 1 mm 5 mm wire diameter welded mesh, mesh grid intrusive - 6 mm 10 net mesh networks, and 1 mm - mesh 10 grid. Metal mesh data contain plastic wire, cold hot zinc wire, hot dip galvanized wire, galvanized wire and cold galvanizing line. In use, hot dipped galvanized steel wire is not easy to rust, strong steel wire. In the manufacturing process, as long as the mesh can be used to make hot dip galvanized steel wire net, although not rusting, maintenance is not strong, but the price is high. Mention cheap cold galvanized welded wire mesh is cheap, but very simple rust in a short time, good thing is hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh, using and practicability are high.
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