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A 500 meters high, with thin stainless steel wire cross hanging on both ends, the foot is visible light, canyon high altitude wind with stainless steel wire and rocked. Ordinary head all dare not low altitude, known as the 'king of China's first' Wang Ling, successively completed the walk on the stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, riding a bicycle, a motorcycle and a series of incredible challenges. Qingyuan huang teng canyon scenic spot invited, Wang Ling team on July 5 in 500 meters of huang teng canyon glass hanging above the staged two fascinating challenge 'is hanging on by a thread'. Afternoon, called 'big racket' by visitors hung huang teng canyon tianmen glass corridor, a thin stainless steel wire, aerial suspension in 500 meters of corridor rings hanging from the ground, wind blowing wind shake stainless steel wire can be seen, watching alone can feel the tension, not to mention the performers to walk, ride on it. As the bike rack, stainless steel wire rope, Wang Ling and another team members have been in place, tourists frequent screams at the scene, the leader of the king of the bicycle moves slowly on the stainless steel wire, and at first bike still shaking slightly, then more riding a more steady, bike and ride faster and faster. Car to the right in the middle, Wang Ling began to make all kinds of difficult &performed in stainless steel wire rope, riding a bicycle fast sliding creeping, cycling, flash turn to move, every movement can let visitors breath in a gasp of onlookers. 'A foot flat motorcycle's voice echoed through the valley, Wang Ling team second challenge has been performed. Compared with bicycle, motorcycle riding faster and more uncontrollable, the higher demands on Wang Ling teamwork. See Wang Ling driving motorcycles, riding in the stainless steel wire rope,, after a few back and forth, a wave of stimulus to difficult moves, the motorcycle teds hands, mirs on motorcycle, motorcycle air run, no special effects, no NG, no double, difficult moves beyond imagination. Visit the scene of the visitors can feel the adrenaline surge of stimulus. At 9 PM, glass door Wang Ling in huang teng canyon suspension corridor the set off of cool light, glass hanging in the gallery challenge to the night again, at this time, huang teng canyon total sections covering 168 m of the world's largest ring music falls, lamplight open Wang Ling in great colorful ring waterfalls, and hung with glass corridor light show more than 2000 beam dynamic rhythm of light and bar light constantly challenges in each project, and again the night environment has come to a successful conclusion. 'I stood in tianmen suspension gallery to look down on all feel dizzy, they also have high in the sky to such a difficult challenge, really is breaking a desperate, too much. 'Miss wang said that night to watch the performance of tourists.
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