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Nanping panyu district stainless steel screen mesh - what is the specification Stainless steel wire mesh


stainless steel net rainbow pattern surface is caused by oil or neutral detergent washing excessive erosion can be used after washing with warm water. Stainless steel corrosion caused by dirt or abrasive available? Itric pickling, or wash with special cleaning agent.
the simplest case is the cumulative effect of these two factors leading to corrosion in a certain environment, stress free metal materials, corrosion damage, when under constant pressure, sometimes although stress is much lower than the ultimate strength stainless steel net itself, through for a period of time, or even stainless steel net a good ductility will be broken.
sponge with soap and water through each stripe every six months to determine the right side of the manual scrubbing effect of artificial irrigation. Results show that compared with the strip in the appropriate space does not flow to wash, through artificial rain washing and cleaning, to remove dust and debris on the surface state on the surface of the good effect. But it is also found that also affects the surface smoothness of strip surface treatment conditions than the surface roughness of the strip is described, the better.
we buy stainless steel net conveyer to normal manufacturer production must choose not to choose the price, to hold the very cheap stainless steel net, how cost in using practice can bring a lot of titles, such as stainless steel wire mesh quality and low price also is not very good, often numerous division titles will be put into production, reduces the production quality and abide by it.
, performance, and curing conditions, according to the types of coating spraying process and methods are also different. The user can according to the shape of the stainless steel mesh belt, size and batch. In practice, in order to fast, dry, usually choose solvent evaporation coating or heat curing coating, through natural drying or save drying technology can achieve the ideal effect.
if attached on the surface of the stainless steel screen mesh bleach and various acid, wash, use or neutral aqueous ammonia solution impregnation carbonated sodas, or hot water washing with a neutral detergent. Stainless steel screen mesh easily to remove dust and dirt on the surface of the object, use soap and detergent or weak clean warm water. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance, the surface of the stainless steel screen mesh must be to keep its shining surface, prolong service life.
and then clean with ammonia or neutral sodium carbonate solution, and then clean with neutral detergent or warm water. Stainless steel mesh surface of stainless steel screen mesh has rainbow line, which is caused by excessive use of detergents or oil. When catharsis available neutral detergent wash with warm water. Fouling caused by corrosion on the surface of stainless steel available % nitrate or abrasive detergent or special scour to clean.
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