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stainless steel mesh can be divided into plain weave, twill, plain weave and twill woven.
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stamping stainless steel wire mesh, also known as the cutting coolant fluid, cutting fluid. Cutting fluid usually have good cooling, lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention function, but also has other special function: there are certain dielectric strength, free quenching, to prevent yarn breaking, long service life, safe non-toxic. Cracking and ideal finishing and processing efficiency of the appropriate line, and to delay the machine service life.
yuxi hebi stainless steel net mesh is how to calculate the
the heat-resistant material on the conveyor belt, coking, sintering, high temperature materials, such as cement clinker. Conveying material temperature must not exceed ℃, with surface temperatures shall not exceed the degrees] 吗? Heat resistant conveyor belt characteristics:. EPDM rubber is used as the cover layer, heat resistant conveyor belt of strengthen the employment is a special high temperature material canvas, unique formula design.
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xiangtan stainless steel mesh weaving: knitted pattern weft density polyethylene net is set up, mainly plain weave, twill weave, plain Dutch weave, twilled Dutch weave, reverse Dutch weave, herringbone twill weave, woven bamboo woven flower seeds. Features: stainless steel wire mesh filter performance and stability, accuracy, heat resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile property, etc.
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screen mesh of stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel screen mesh is referred to as stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh, ranging from item to item, its specification material generally is L, and material. According to the needs of customers, customize the shape size and filtering accuracy. Production of stainless steel screen mesh by bending, cutting, edge winding is used by the corresponding mechanical equipment.
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outside stainless steel wire mesh can be processed into a funnel type processing stainless steel pieces, such as welding line and the edge of the packaging, finish strong impact on the filter function, and then complete the weak delicious wine exports. Jingmen stainless steel wire mesh specifications and how to embody the

available % nitrate or abrasive detergent or special scour to clean. As long as we use the correct maintenance method, we can extend the service life of stainless steel, adhere to its clean, bright, rich bearings.
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