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Nanchong zhenjiang 05 mm: what is the stainless steel screen mesh - Stainless steel wire mesh


the characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh and reflected in these three words, stainless steel is equipped with stainless steel is a good, solid, the most important thing is not easy to rust, long time. And the materials used to produce stainless steel wire mesh so perfectly inherited these features stainless steel stainless steel net, continue to expand the application range of the screen, so cannot be used in some places, also can use.
fair selection and the maintenance of belt conveyor. Plough fair selection, according to the real-time correction to install along the transition season, coupled with shading technology winter maintenance of stainless steel wire mesh method can also extend the service life of the belt.
is suitable for the standard used in all kinds of raw materials, such as oil filter. Advantages of saliva on the surface of the stainless steel screen mesh is to choose the appropriate shape wire diameter, mesh size and mesh sieve material to achieve a certain purity.
this product is a kind of high strength aluminum alloy material, through a T heat treatment process, greatly improving the tensile and compression.
what kind of environment, so the screen will be rust stainless steel, and constantly look down.
stainless steel screen mesh filtration equipment five types: trash rack ( Screen) : mainly used in river, pond rich library of irrigation water in a lot of sundry, deadwood residual obstruction, weeds and other large floats, etc. , to prevent the accumulation of debris into the swimming pool or reservoir. Principle of the trash rack, we can according to the actual situation of the water, the design and manufacture. Trash main screen ( Net asset value) Is a device of the net in the water pump inlet gate article primary purification processing equipment, mainly for the rich in a variety of plants, algae and other debris and water in the sediment.
used in different application value, can easily get it. It is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, no jacketed functional zinc stainless steel screen appearance of the combination of the original data. Prolong the service life of generalized functions.
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