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Moral models stop disorderly stick advertiser being beaten, must be in accordance with the law accountability to justice

An old man and the paste of little advertising conflict, cause a mild concussion! Astonishingly, the injury is moral models, dalian in liaoning province of Guo Lianrong elder sister, a respectable, a 66 - year - old old man, also before an injured in stucco LouYuan, beautify the environment of the volunteers, On August 25, the China youth network) 。
it is well known that wild advertising as the city is difficult to cure psoriasis, no matter how community residents and social volunteer effort to clean up, always hard to achieve both take temporary solution and effect a permanent cure social effect, always just clean up over there, then post ads here labeled 'psoriasis' everywhere. And it illustrates 'psoriasis' is not only the construction of socialist spiritual civilization in dalian have a headache, and it is all over the country the size of the city spiritual civilization construction in the hot potato.
but did not expect, ms Guo Lianrong dalian city of liaoning province moral models, because to prevent wild AD will be posted the concussion. In the face of such illegal and criminal behavior, the public security organ shall be punished according to law, never palliative indulging. As is known to all, dalian is a famous national civilized city. If no care Guo Lianrong such moral models, cannot let the coastal city of dalian showed very good impression to the people of the whole country. It is because of dalian city have many cities like Guo Lianrong beauty volunteers, to make dalian won the 'window of the northeast, the pearl of the north, the romantic city of reputation, to become one of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups tourist destination of choice for city.
a city, not only has unique natural scenery, and the need to have a unique style and profound cultural charm; A city, not only has advantageous geographical conditions, and must have hospitality and tidiness and the modern international metropolis of charm. So, we can it is no exaggeration to say that dalian is a shinning pearl of the north city, is the national urban agglomeration in the colorful has the characteristic extremely the coastal city.
so, ms Guo Lianrong would like to love his own life take good care of the spiritual civilization construction in dalian; So, ms Guo Lianrong be intolerant of people whose the disorderly stick ads make dalian city 'psoriasis'. Because of the love of beauty of life is not a heart; Because, dalian is well received by the visitors all over the country, the more the more you have to dalian every citizens to cherish and care for; So, ms Guo Lianrong love, let us special reverence; So, ms Guo Lianrong love, let people who don't speak civilization, disorderly stick advertising special hate. However, in order to dalian people's spiritual civilization construction and the hard-won honor, must use the law to defend the life safety of ms Guo Lianrong must use the law to defend the spiritual civilization construction achievements in dalian. Therefore, for those illegal disorderly stick advertising behavior, can never with kid gloves. Therefore, for wounded Guo Lianrong ms illegal crime molecules, the public security organ must bring them to justice, hold.
only by making more disorderly stick advertiser is punished severely according to law, the construction of spiritual civilization in dalian results will be strengthened; Only strict administration according to law and in accordance with the law, rule, dalian disorderly stick the uncivilized behavior of advertising can be severely. And dalian to for other cities of the country's construction of spiritual civilization provides a better demonstration experience.

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