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Probably on many occasions, many professional, we can see some with a hole in the net, the network is now people can understand and be familiar with the mesh. Can say, now this net, can also is the primary means in the same data on different shapes of holes, which can then be used to the different needs right now. And now on the net to understand, people will have such discoveries, it is now the mesh start to use in the different professions, has been the most widely used. Can be used for building the ceiling of the sound-absorbing material, can also be used in the shield of mechanical equipment, and can be used as a factory is sound-absorbing board of acoustic noise, can play a role is still very great. This net, can be very good to use, must first is due to the net have must function, because now the nets can have various don't supply of raw materials, such as stainless steel plate, low carbon steel plate, etc. , and you can also have different pictures, different shape. And can play the role of a good sound-absorbing, became the now some professional can be used to the things. Especially in some highway, railway and subway environmental noise management, as well as in the generator room, the sound insulation of the factory, now you can see the mesh. It is now with this net, so the day of the people will not be disturbed by noise, and then can give us a quiet life environment, the same is also can give us a comfortable life environment, these are all now can be brought about by the network.
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