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Zoo Enclosures


Zoo Enclosures Mesh

Compared to the wild, the animals have limited space in zoos or private house. that is very important to create a relaxed living environment for animals and to ensure visitors safety. the stainless steel rope net is proved safety and economic. popular use for zoo fence, aviary cages,zoo animal enclosures etcthe flexible wire rope mesh has high opening rate ,almost invisible, the wire rope mesh is woven by flexible cable. the strong structure can withstand the impact of large animals, without deformation. Depending on the animal volume and impact strength .select the suitable the nets and wires. All the wire rope net is made of 316 grade stainless steel, high corrosion resistance, long service life etc.low maitainer fee. 

CANDURS is a professional flexible stainless steel wire rope mesh manufacturer in China. choose high-quality raw materials for net, providing the precision mesh size that the users can install directly. Over 10 years of manufacture experience. Served for more than 700 + different projects all of world.

Stainless Steel Rope Ferrule Mesh For Zoo Enclosures

Candurs's flexible wire rope mesh is using top quality stainless steel wire rope made from South Korea.Stable quality. Custom stainless steel rope mesh opening size from 20mm - 120mm for Zoo animal enclosures. bird netting etc. that is made from 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm wire rope.all 316 grade stainless steel. Custom wire rope net width and length.mill finish or black oxide surface.

Zoo Bird Netting CD1020                
Zoo Bird Netting CD1020

rope ferrule mesh 1mm, 7 x 7 structure.

Zoo Aviary Netting                
Zoo Aviary Netting

rope ferrule mesh 1.5mm, 7 x7 structure.

Zoo Mesh CD2060                
Zoo Mesh CD2060

rope ferrule mesh 2mm, 7 x 7 structure.

Zoo Fence Mesh CD3050                
Zoo Fence Mesh CD3050

rope ferrule mesh 3mm, 7 x 19 structure.

    • Zoo Aviary Mesh

      Flexible stainless steel wire rope aviary mesh, bird mesh in zoo.popular opening size 20mm and 25mm, min 15mm. that's made from 1mm or 1.5mm wire rope.

    • Zoo  Aviary Mesh
    • Black Oxide Stainless Steel Mesh

      Black oxide stainless steel mesh is popular use for zoo animal enclosure. Passed 120 hours middle Salt Spray Test, corrosion resistant, nontoxic, Eco-friendly.

    • Black Oxide Stainless Steel Mesh
    • Zoo Fence

      lion enclosure, tiger enclosures, crocodile enclosures, monkey enclosures. Zoo fence by prefabricated wire rope mesh tubular frame. Install easily and quickly.

    • Zoo Fence

 Candurs served more than 700 different projects, customers come from USA, Australia, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.  

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