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Stainless steel net in daily application is very wide, which we should learn is stainless steel mesh belt length, width, bearing, volume density and drying parameters such as material, the proportion of output value has certain relations, in the measurement of the stainless steel mesh belt must to accurate, don't be vague concept. Then measure the accurate way to stainless steel mesh belt is how? Today we are going to look at. On this knowledge to understand the first delivery of belt width and breadth of the shipping difference. Transport belt width is refers to the total width of the stainless steel mesh belt, the width of the transport plane width refers to carry material. And stainless steel mesh belt pitch pitch and mesh intrusive, pitch pitch refers to the spacing in the mesh, now contains the diameter of the mesh, the mesh between intrusive refers to mesh net. When measuring the parameters of the stainless steel mesh belt so must understand these. Stainless steel chain sprocket surface, remove rust stain can use pickling paste, can improve the surface of stainless steel chain sprocket, when operating in stainless steel, pickling paste daub is on the surface of stainless steel chain sprocket, coating film thickness is 0. 5 - 2 mm, the average response time is 3 - More than 10 minutes, use or scale thick place under 0 ℃, should be appropriately extended time, had better use the scrub brush a few times of treatment process, surface oxidation after skin clear, clean with clear water, rust to avoid return, such as the product in water, don't pour out, shake or stir after use. Stainless steel wire mesh chain is formed on the surface of a layer of a very thin and fine and stable solid rich chromium oxide film has ability to resist corrosion. Once the film has been continuously destroyed and metal surface are also constantly rust. The surface membrane damage in the form of many, see more in daily life has the following several kinds.
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