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Based on filter in filtering professional seasoning for many years, many experiences are summarized, the following to us, most of the acquisition of filter customers how to distinguish the stand or fall of filter, is the most concern the problem of the customer, the standard shape of filter screen in the market now are diverse, convenient for customer selection, brings together the inducements. So did all the stand or fall of filter criteria, we introduce a broad user to primary users themselves next to the screen, the use of use screen aperture and filter medium pressure difference, after consulting to produce filter manufacturers. Pick her true appropriate filter, to satisfied filtering requirements. Weaving filter net measure: filter materials, such as stainless steel raw materials, copper raw material generally iron raw material, etc. Filter mesh count, for example, 60 mesh, 40 mesh, each item number corresponding to multiple. The diameter of the filter, plus or minus 1 mm. Filter degree of thickness of wire diameter, surface roughness, etc. Punching filter criteria: mesh filter materials. Punching sheet thickness. Mesh size and hole distance. Composite filter criteria: single-layer, multi-layer, double. Selection, for example, filtration, filtration flow can fold filter made waves arc line filter, increase the filter area. Did welding faults, is the investigation of weld welding leakage, welding is not strong and so on.
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