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Market development prospect of stainless steel screen mesh, mesh data

Market development prospect of stainless steel screen mesh, mesh

our company is a well-known guangdong mesh supplier, here small make up for everybody simple introduction screen market development prospect.
the current domestic highway construction is developing very fast, which makes many roads hulanwang manufacturer's products can meet the demand of the market, if not observed the change of the market, not update product, did not ask your customers, will not be able to know what kind of products. Welcome to
to understand the performance and characteristics of all kinds of fence netting products. For example, the characteristics of bending hulanwang material: bending hulanwang USES the high quality low carbon steel wire welded together. Bending fence net sheets can be hot dip galvanized with high adhesion after PE model or electrostatic spray processing, mesh surface. Can only attached PE plastic hot dip or electrostatic spraying. Has the corrosion resistance of high strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation characteristics. Mesh of the v-shaped bending place except with monofilament welding, also can use double wire welding in order to enhance resistance to impact.
we with zero defect management concept, through always. Has long been in the pursuit of perfect quality at the same time, continue to perfect the service system, care about each of your needs, through sales and service network all over the country, and provide professional sales and service for you. Welcome to inquire!
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