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Maintenance personnel for cattle cattle owner send pennants thank _ chanda stainless steel rope net bar table

by:Candurs     2021-01-25
Month, zhang old man breeding cattle from the head of the rope on the highway guardrail stainless steel rope are eating grass in the grid, and then walked to the road surface. If there is a highway maintenance personnel was not found, help zhang highway supervision under the cattle up the old man, probably four cows was gone. This morning a man will be a banner into the hands of yichun highway maintenance center staff, thanks.
in the afternoon, original yichun maintenance center fairy lake maintenance station personnel from the fairy lake to gian patrol south direction. Patrolling the wu3 ji2 high-speed road section K, found a head of cattle, the emergency lane ahead gap with a rope, looking into the driveway from time to time, at any time may run into the driveway, there is great potential safety hazard. Maintenance personnel to immediately stop, the cattle to safe place, and try to find the owner of the cow. After searching for, an elderly man came near the village cattle, said cattle is his home.
in this paper, by professional fence stainless steel rope mesh manufacturers' chanda stainless steel rope net bar,
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