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Luqiao stainless steel wire mesh fence damaged change in time, or wait for an accident will late

Current residents pass on the 'main', stainless steel wire mesh fence extensive damage and terrifying. Yesterday, Mr Xu told the financial times readers who lives near the pu even road reflect this. It is understood that this has not stainless steel wire mesh fence damage, for the first time. More bridge near the reporter investigation, stainless steel wire mesh fence for several years have been varying degrees of damage, whether someone 'destructive' is too strong, or rail was 'vulnerable'?

more damage of bridge stainless stainless steel wire mesh fence

yesterday, the reporter comes to pujiang town road, near pu even LuZhao floor readers reflect the bridge across the river, the red guard about 200 meters long, pedestrians for vehicles. On both sides of the sidewalk was supposed to play a protective role of bridge guardrail is 'incomplete', bridge end two guardrail is lodging, and the location of the cars on both sides near the river bank, there are two huge 'hole', more than 4 meters in length, enough to plug into a car. Bridge on the west side of fence is board repaired, but still badly damaged, some direct 'drop down', some are crumbling.

in the roadside business hotel, 'says Ms. Zheng fence three years bad several times. Between the bridge near the region's residents and residents very much, in addition to the lido area, and Jin Shuo riverside garden, bo and residential areas, such as villas, damaged fence buried a safety hazard to people across the bridge. A walk in the road of citizens told reporters, 'walk on the sidewalk feel 'scared potential potential, so a few months to everyone in the driveway. '

about the failure reasons of bridge parapet, nearby residents said, guardrail itself is not firm, and residents are often going to the river embankment of food, and going to the red guard river fishing, gradually' contact ', caused the situation now.

barrier material fragile,

reporter the climb up the bridge with the hand still standing vertical guardrail, found very loose, can push gently, scrutinize barrier material, is not concrete or metal, its texture is lightsome. Many residents reflect, how region near the bridge railings are all made of this material, very easy to broken, a few years to repair, and then damage.

in fact, as early as in 2011, the media reported in detail, including pu even three lu river crossing on the road, near MinRui LuMin remit the three lu river crossing on the road and called building road near the red guard river crossing, etc more than similar Bridges have similar damage. Some even more than twenty section rail are all broken bridge. Reporter highway administration facilities, pujiang town, minhang district from the aspects such as 'linkage' office to understand, these Bridges fall within the scope of 'four high village', the Shanghai residential center is responsible for the construction, and then passed on to a construction unit implementation, completion period about 2007 years before and after. Part of the roads and Bridges have been handed over at the end of 2010 minhang district maintenance related department. Bridge guardrail repeatedly by artificial damage, have repair for many times, but because of the particularity of fence materials, there is no good way to consolidate, can only be broken in.

is drafting a repair plan

the reporter learns query related regulations, bridge parapet should provide crashworthiness, on the strength of the barriers in the form of selected must can effectively absorb the actual collision energy, prevent the corresponding control vehicle is out of the bridge or enter. So, the guardrail whether is suitable for installation on the river?

it is understood that this batch of barrier materials used in disputed, material is PVC lining inside stainless steel, linking part is plastic bread in stainless stainless steel outside. According to minhang district highway administration staff said that this kind of material have no provisions can't use, but compared with the traditional stainless stainless steel guardrail, crashworthiness are less, the cost is low, usually for reasons of landscape, with more in the park. 'Rail flat do not have what problem, but from the side kicking or break with the hand, or it is easy to bad. '

the staff revealed that not long ago, the highway department has been done to the area around 10 6 road bridge over fence all change, switch to relatively strong and not easy to bad concrete design of carve patterns or designs on woodwork. This newspaper readers reflect the bridge, however, has not yet to complete the handover, according to the feedback 'linkage' pujiang town office, related to the construction unit is drafting a repair.
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