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Liu yun will wear too much! ! ! ! The skirt was too short & other; Stainless steel wire ball & throughout; To gather together: the modelling zha to walk? - News and information - Business information

Liu yun will wear too much! ! ! ! The skirt was too short 'stainless steel wire ball' to gather together: the modelling zha to walk? The name of liu yun everyone know, graduated from central academy of drama. Since her debut in a lot of film and TV works, and this should be one of the most impressive is that she plays perseverance in the TV series 'the big fellow son of heaven' and do not break lovely autumn chan 'crisis', as are playing the role of a lot of the audience. But in recent years announced to marry liu yun is gradually out of the entertainment industry, few of the scenes are playing some supporting role, is one of the very transparent a star in the entertainment circle. Liu yun recently on weibo drying out of the clothing pictures of a set themselves to participate in business activities, attracted many viewers. What we see in the picture liu yun was wearing a black split short skirt, the length of the dress just a waist, although the skirt is very short, but liu yun added a black with some bright stars look like 'stainless steel wire ball' nets, just from the shortest skirt places, not exposed than short skirt see beautiful many, have more administrative levels feels. Many people see this outfit moment fryer, liu yun are comments in the comments section to 'the modelling zha to walk? '' you look at the legs, long, straight,' 'liu yun also too will wear' 'the modelling zha walk' 'sister really beauty burst' 'envy this pair of big long legs' 'the dress beauty burst' 'what a beautiful little sister mua'
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