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we are usually called number all the number of the stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh screen, describe the mesh, wire diameter, hole diameter, material, technical parameters such as effective screen surface, the number of unit length is usually described in mm ( mm) As the standard.
shantou weifang stainless steel mesh belt how docking
wastewater were given to the valve in the filter through the booster pump to increase pressure, after through continuously switching valve sand, described by water from the sand into the water after the cover, flow upward from the center column, finally from the exit. Backwashing: backwashing is very simple, just change the back flush valve position at the top of the operating process and the same basic steps.
anping woven stainless steel wire mesh in ningxia how sealing side
itself taste filter, filter will become moldy acid; It may be the environment smell out of the window, in time brought a new air filter, open the window and see if there is, if the window didn't warn you to change the filter. Fresh air system usually has four filters, respectively, the early effect, the effect of activated carbon filter and HEPA.
stainless steel net how weight calculation method of special colored by electrochemical oxidation film of colour chemical solutions. Sedimentary compact oxide of screen process chemical mesh on a vacuum coating machine stainless steel vacuum evaporation plating workpieces. For example: titanium gold watch cases, watch strap, general is golden. This method is suitable for large quantities of products processing. Because of the large investment, high cost, small batch products uneconomical.
guangdong stainless steel net how tied to the wood top
, performance, and curing conditions, according to the types of coating spraying process and methods are also different. The user can according to the shape of the stainless steel mesh belt, size and batch. In practice, in order to fast, dry, usually choose solvent evaporation coating or heat curing coating, through natural drying or save drying technology can achieve the ideal effect.
xinxiang prick the hand how to do it by stainless steel net
screen stainless steel exterior wall cleaning, acid pickling and passivation, in addition to the progress of the maximum limit of stainless steel wire mesh, corrosion resistance, also has the products, in order to avoid pollution, to achieve the effect of beautiful. In years of GBl rules 'steel pressure vessel', 'have the stainless steel composite steel vessels and corrosion appearance requirements should be produced in high temperature oxidation pickling passivation capability, good low temperature and excellent mechanical properties and green can add R.
jingdezhen stainless steel net how docking
stainless steel mesh diameter. MMMM manganese steel net woven mesh products. Using embedded weaving, warp/weft overlapping point is not obvious, surface smooth, uniform stress. Stainless steel mesh is a metal wire woven by a variety of utility grid. It is made of special high manganese steel wire. Have anticorrosive, high wear-resistant, screening rate.
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