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Liaoning stainless steel screen how much a meter - fujian 120 purpose Stainless steel wire mesh


mesh is woven production of stainless steel. Sometimes, there will be a little in the woven mesh, this is normal. Sometimes, stainless steel mesh just put into the machine, the machine has not been debugged. Stainless steel net volumes of some surface will not flat, there will be waves on both sides. How did this happen? How to deal with? The personage inside course of study is generally called 'lotus leaf edge'. Reason is just boot the machine, the machine tension control is not good, and the tension is too small, it is a very common disease network.
stainless steel wire mesh and commonly used specifications, how to choose the best; When to buy stainless steel mesh belt, do not choose the price, especially cheap to save cost, so bring lots of problems in the practical use, for example, because the price is too cheap to network quality is poorer, there will be a lot of problems often when put into production, reduces the production quality and efficiency.
this article USES the screen by etching process model, color spraying processing examples printing method. Etching process, described in the protective film is acid-proof stainless steel surface screen color printing, ferrous chloride solution, and then etched to form art images. Radiation after spraying method is color printing screen toner particles, satin surface combination, in the field of this picture.
many villas residential adopt stainless steel as the residence of safety equipment, it is not only beautiful, but? 吗? And more safety. Continue to follow our economy, to carry out the domestic stainless steel will be faster.
high temperature oxidation resistance, heat resistance for ℃ of the stainless steel screen mesh, S stainless steel screen mesh and heat-resistant of ℃. Room temperature processing, plastic processing, is easy to make the use of stainless steel screen mesh diversification, high degree of finish, no surface treatment, convenient maintenance and simple.
less than the diameter of the so-called was. Mm stainless steel wire stainless steel microfilament, he's diameter. Mm stainless steel wire is adopted as a condition of small water tank wire drawing of the diameter of the stainless steel fiber is hydrogen retreat wire, welding wire diameter is very small, even fine hair is much more than Angle increases, the progress of the plastic, to eliminate internal stress, and eliminate the elaboration means and mechanism does not have a series of other, more suitable for woven stainless steel filter.
stainless steel sieve is mainly used in the construction process, in the contemporary architecture construction, infrastructure and road construction plays an irreplaceable role. In addition, due to the wall with the combination of stainless steel screen mesh and cement anti-crack mortar is good, the reasonable improved the tensile strength of horizontal and vertical direction, improves the strength of the brick paste at the grass-roots level.
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