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Large round shape stainless steel rope mesh panel production

Large round shape stainless steel rope mesh panel production


Subject : 3.5M diameter round shape

Difficulty: 1. Irregular.  2. Don't have straight sides.   3. Difficult to check.

In order to create a round shape mesh,we have to cut it from a big rectangular panels. there should be much waste,so that the mesh cost raised.

But don't ask any extra freight. finally the custom accept our suggestion and price.

First of all, we manufacture 3.5m width by 3.5m length stainless steel rope ferrule mesh. meanwhile we create a 2 m diameter round frames by CAD.

Checking where should be cut.Then we measure each wire and cut under drawing asked. after all,we were checking again if some mistake is made. 

When all is correct,assemble the eye ferrule.cleaning and packing.now the round shape piece of mesh is finished. from made drawing to packing. It costs almost one day. 

Experience : you need to pay much time.especially large panel.120% focus on the mesh,you can't allow a wire is wrong. you have to make sure this mesh can't be installed well.

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