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When the home decoration, window always by special processing, window device on the window can also be at ease, just network window screen, wire weaving made, the appearance of special treatment, the hardness and strength, super luxury home is often used. Security: made from high strength metal and high strength. Like a vise the same it is hard to cut sharp objects, thus anti-theft effect is obvious. Avoid high drop: because of the impact of the net body to accept a strong, so useful to avoid children falling from the fall in the downstairs, flower POTS, etc. , even if the day in high-rise buildings, also need not worry the old man and the child's safety. Stealth lit: light transmission effect is very good, can keep the air circulation, seen from outside introversion, not obscured vision, more vague, from the outside to maintain privacy very well. Long life: king kong network security screen to choose high quality metal, appearance through special processing, is not afraid of moisture, corrosion and oxidation. Use life beyond 30 years. Price is high, because of the high production capital, average consumer can feel a little bit expensive, poor elasticity, because of king kong net hardness, flexibility is limited, the elastic weakened. In the case of a fire, is not conducive to escape, but also increased the difficulty of fire rescue. Stainless steel anti-theft window screening is very common in daily life.
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