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King kong net yarn net price differences and strengths? Heard that every household now after installing Windows, basically will install a veil, such not only can rise the must insect-resistant dirt-proof effect, also can bring a lot of convenience for both of us. Kong gauze net is in a kind of, it is a kind of chosen king kong network as gauze anti-theft net yarn, with high strength, impact resistance and other properties. So, here is the small make up for let's explain a readout, king kong net yarn net price what are the differences and advantages? Why king kong net yarn net price difference so big? Section thickness. In general, the thickness of it at zero. 5 - 1. Between 5 mm, if the thinner material, then let's go down it is with the hand, it announced the sound will be more crunchy, light weight will be many. The quality is different. Quality good king kong net yarn net natural higher price, and the poor quality of king kong network, making capital is low, so the price is relatively low. Is the so-called: 'you get what you pay for it is for this reason the '. Parts quality. Besides its own net yarn, some components, such as sealing strip ( Use the glass glue brand is fine) , the quality of the locks, handles, etc with the direct resolution of its price. King kong net yarn net what advantage it pervious to light quality and permeability is good, can add air flow rate and the daylighting of the bedroom, and its beautiful modelling, colour and lustre is light, also can have good decoration effect. It can insect-resistant, anti-mosquito, prevent the mosquitoes into the interior. It has strong use, high tolerance, so also can have the effect of the rat.
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