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King kong gauze net is? King kong net yarn net why we all hold? King kong net yarn net strenghts? On summer, window screening is an essential part of every family, primary effect is to prevent the mosquito. But there are a number of drawbacks to traditional window screening, long-term weathering is easy ageing, rot, and traditional family device at low floor window screening, the summer window and stolen, perhaps, is not safe. Now more and more families choose the wire netting, and strong, guard against theft, anti-mosquito, breathe freely, in a safe, and no problem last 20 years. King kong stainless steel gauze also known as a safety net, burglar mesh, king kong fence, has high strength, impact resistance, and other functions, the real performance anti-theft, anti-mosquito, breathable, beautiful, safe and strengths. King kong net top is made by high strength stainless steel wire diameter heavy fine loom, and the quality is very good, use decades no problem, because it is made from stainless steel wire, also don't have to worry the rust problem. Traditional device window screening, the family in the lower floor, if no one in the home, in the day ventilated well maybe someone broke into the home, steal assets. But device kong mesh wire netting high strength hardness, not easy be smashed, it don't have to worry to present this kind of condition. Now more and more families are device screens, corrosion resistance is not afraid of sun, long using life, high performance/price ratio, and related to traditional screens for, traditional screens needs to replace every year, as king kong mesh wire netting once. Just as well try this wire netting so bridal chamber is decorated, about in the future days, really very convenient safe also beautiful.
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