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Kinds and specifications of silk screen, printing and silk screen printing net yarn, stainless steel printed mesh, nylon printing, printed polyester net, polyester net printing

Silk screen, printing and silk screen type and specification

screen printing screen information performance, heat resistant, high temperature resistant, wear resistant etc.
use: the products are widely used in electronics, textile, ceramic industries such as printing plate and in the field of aviation, aerospace, petrochemical and other high-tech solution filter, etc. , is one of the world in the ninety s printing using the most advanced high-tech products.

it is mainly used for textile printing, dyeing and printing, circuit board, ceramic printing, signs, PCB, CD printing, etc. , can also be used to filter, filter cotton, filter cloth, filter separation: coffee filter, water filter, dishwasher filters. The food industry filter, etc. Has formed a mesh screen, many varieties, many specifications, many middle and high material series products production. Domestic sales network has strict management for the production and the development of the products of our company has formed a solid backing, to make good all over the country, and continuously expand, foreign trade development momentum, are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa countries. Widely used in printing, printing and dyeing, fish, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, automobile, construction, mining, coal, metallurgy, environmental protection, defender of the, electronics, aerospace and other fields.

polyester silk screen mesh specifications mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh /, /, mesh, mesh. Purpose of polyester silk net, the biggest mm in length, width can be production according to the requirements of customers, special product can negotiate ordering. In the current specifications white and yellow color.

are widely used in garments, textile and other industries

if quality problems can be unconditional like to exchange this! This product mainly USES in: paper plate glass ceramic printing, electronics, circuit board printing, garment printing and dyeing, fabric printing, chemical filtration

stainless steel printing net is a kind of special wire cloth for printing industry.
features: mesh to tetragonal, adjacent side two lines for the degree of Angle, high permeability. With smooth surface can not have joint silk knot, mesh uniform, high friction strength, stretching response rates is small, resistance to acid and alkali, not change due to ultraviolet radiation intensity.

stainless steel printing network usually also called ultra-thin wire cloth.
material: SUSL, SUSL, SUSN, SUSHP.
I company production of stainless steel printing network, using the latest ZhiZhi technology, strict enforcement of regulations, standard inspection. Our stainless steel printing network compared with other similar products, it has the following advantages: the mesh precision, smooth surface, the standard and precision of mesh filter value. Widely used in electronics, textile, ceramic industries such as printing plate making and in the field of aviation, aerospace, petrochemical and other high-tech solution filter, etc.

nylon net printing materials: nylon, nylon, polyamide fiber.
specification: eye/eyes/inches, maximum width of MM.
are normally used for surface printing products and pharmaceutical, chemical, dyes, monosodium glutamate, fishery industry as screen mesh, food and other products.

polyester printing network with Switzerland to introduce production equipment and technology.
polyester printing network main features: tension form quickly, the intensity is big, fast and stable, not easy to break, pull out long tension in the process of the affected small, fast turnaround and better alignment, fast printing speed, etc.
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