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June 1, the province during the non-motor vehicles and pedestrians traffic violations _ chanda stainless steel rope net bar

The reporter understands from the provincial traffic administration, our province will change from month to month, to carry out a period of months during the non-motor vehicles and pedestrians traffic offence special operation, further build clear orderly, civilized and harmonious traffic environment, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents.
according to introducing, concentrated in urban district/county urban main road a clampdown and order more disorderly, focused on road accidents, during the non-motor vehicles and pedestrians do not obey traffic signals, do not obey the police command, non-motor vehicles in the motor vehicle lane, retrograde, pedestrian crosswalk, sidewalks, crossing isolation guardrail stainless steel wire mesh and other traffic violations. The provincial traffic administration at all levels will be combined with traffic signal screening treatment work, adjust the signal timing, increase of motor vehicle is not in accordance with the provisions, to give way efforts to deal with traffic violations, ensuring the safety of pedestrians can through the intersection. To investigate the non-motor vehicles and pedestrians traffic law, insist on combining education with punishment, to watch the propaganda education video chart, accident cases, to help maintain traffic order, strengthening the traffic laws and regulations study, master, copy the unit when necessary. At the same time, organizing volunteers to carry out a non-motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic law discourage activities. For disorderly point of order of non-motor vehicles and pedestrians, and fully solicit opinions along and in front of the unit, the implementation of the personnel shall manage the fixed point. At the same time, the provincial bureau will also throughout the province to carry out the special action during the drunk driving and severe illegal drunk driving and drunk driving behavior.
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