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there are a lot of customer consultation stainless steel wire mesh, mesh wisdom but ask don't understand the material, the material whether magnetic stainless steel wire mesh, wire, wire rod, L line, line, line, L line, line, line, L, nickel wire, TA wire, metal wire, molybdenum wire, etc. , using different types of stainless steel wire in the background is not the same.
when the stainless steel wire rope hoisting equipment is lifting equipment, impact and vibration often takes place. The rope suddenly, and start the hanging device, has a far greater than can appear static load dynamic load. This process is to use wire rope due to wear and corrosion, be harm the rope, the strength.
the so-called screen is different from general wire mesh products. But there are a series of strict mesh size. Grading and object, in the industry, agency line filtering, recognized standard wire mesh products. Screen don't speak 'number', 'number', but people describe the habit of screen mesh, difficult to overcome. Unlike sieve net products, it has a strict mesh size, rather than the 'number'.
some of the stainless steel mesh is relatively low, so the net short processing time, necessary fees low, and some of the stainless steel wire mesh processing cycle is long, such as stainless steel wire mesh, square object day cycle of processing a single square is necessary, such free handling, plus some losses, such as the nets in the processing time, because our inheritance is metres long.
as the steel chemical composition, protection status, operating conditions and environmental medium change.
stainless steel weighing screen any stainless steel wire mesh products, they have to pass, you know the factory have stolen to reduce the use of raw materials.
so, cast stainless steel screen mesh reinforcement structure, can effectively take into account the crack resistance and brick for unity of the basic strength requirement, and satisfies the requirement of the stability of the insulation system. The importance of stainless steel screen mesh, screen mesh with the continuous improvement of the stainless steel manufacturing process, stainless steel screen mesh will be even more important role in people's life and work.
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