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hot filtration is the characteristic of the stainless steel mesh, widely used in food, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Stainless steel wire mesh filter, can be divided into flat screen filters, twill woven mesh mesh filter, stainless steel wire mesh specifications. Materials have SUS, SUS, SUSL, SUS, etc.
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stainless steel screen should be how to deal with, beach area of stainless steel raw materials, raw materials can resist sea water corrosion. Stainless steel exteriors often wipe clean, remove attachments, eliminate the factors of retouching. Some chemical composition on the market can't conform to the corresponding specification stainless steel tube, meet the requirements of raw materials. File

in how yunnan stainless steel wire mesh specifications production process clean appearance of operation, can be used for the best screen appearance is said all the welding and weaving between different class size using the appearance of the size of the meaning.
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stainless steel wire mesh filter precision characteristics: processing speed, the price is relatively cheap. Mechanical protection is generally used in homework. Workers with protective gloves to prevent finger injury transport demand. Direct filtration process is simple, permeability, the precision of the uniform stability, no leakage, good reappearance function, quick playback speed, the device's lunch, high efficiency, long life use. Stainless steel filter have corrosion, pitting, corrosion or other wear and tear.
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stainless steel wire mesh filter and then have to do it? Stainless steel wire mesh filter precision is generally determined by the aperture. Stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into high precision stainless steel net, high precision stainless steel net plays a big role in the filter. Because the quantity of stainless steel wire mesh object, corresponding the smaller aperture, the filament is smaller, it is decided to the improvement of the stainless steel wire mesh filter accuracy.
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stainless steel net factor for long-term use of the use of any of the function of the moist air. For induction function of some usual numerical good habits is to choose appropriate diameter size and thickness corresponding to choose reasonable foundation of information. The size of the grid.
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in order to ensure the equipment to play the best effect, should be used in ventilation and monotonous Settings. Check whether the equipment inlet pipe and the drain contact before use is good. If leakage exposed, may cause damage to equipment. Equipment before use, should first check the status of the motor, the accurate assurance line and use the volume.
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