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according to the product structure of rectangle, square, round, oval, round, rectangular, hat, kidney, alien, can be divided into: product structure: can according to the shape of stainless steel branch can be divided into single, double, three, four, five, multilayer. By the process of production, can be divided into a double bond or three welding, weld usually range from, can according to the requirements of customers is the single and double packing. Usually use cases, no package with the whole while is divided into two kinds of style, the packing material is stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum, etc. General mm outside diameter mm, maximum diameter of circular filter mm ( M. ) , but also can according to customer requirements processing.
what zhoushan lianyungang stainless steel wire mesh specifications
this kind of damage is often without any warning, the damage is very serious, tend to be disastrous. Stress corrosion cracking is the prerequisite for roughly three special environment, it must be subjected to tensile force; The poor quality of stainless steel net itself.
ankang longnan stainless steel net how to determine mesh
use stainless steel net economic development is becoming more common, everyday existence and the related stainless steel manufacturers of interest income, but not the understanding of the function of many people have a lot of stainless steel, stainless steel plate nursing care, the more you know. Many people think that stainless steel is never rust, it turns out that the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Caused because the surface of the passive film, it exists in nature in a more stable form of oxide. That is, the use of stainless steel, although conditions according to the degree of oxidation and change is not the same, but in the end is oxidation, this kind of phenomenon is often referred to as erosion. Exposed in the corrosive environment of the whole or electrical, or chemical reaction, the average erosion of the surface of the metal.
how sichuan orders, stainless steel net weight calculate
now, both in the industrial production, food processing industry is still in the transport process materials such as coal, stainless steel wire mesh is very common in the use of the frequency. But to ensure that relevant personnel assumption and then use the stainless steel mesh belt in the process of role better use of the word, they must be good at shooting action.
jingmen prick the hand how to do it by stainless steel net
material: stainless steel wire mesh products stainless steel cable, nickel wire, brass wire. Mainly used for gas separation, liquid filtration medium. Organize production according to the mechanical standard JB/T, IS/with reference to international standards. Silk weaving weft wire tightly arranged in close network.
stainless steel net tea stain how to go to dujiangyan
must be careful not to clean surface scratches on the surface of the stainless steel screen occur, avoid using bleach composition and abrasive cleaning fluid, steel ball, grinding tools, to remove liquid detergent, and then wash with clean water to rinse the table to the end. Passivation membrane between the screen mesh of weak corrosion resistant parts, because of the self-excited pitting reaction to produce a hole, and close to form a solid caustic solution of chlorine ion of the surface of the stainless steel, to speed up the reaction of corrosion rate, this is very bad stainless steel screen mesh.
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in order to remove the cleaning fluid, at the end of the wash clean with clear water surface. Weak corrosion resistance of stainless steel surface passivation membrane part due to the self excitation response and form pitting response,
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