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stainless steel mesh is divided into textile fiber mesh and hardware, with mesh machine became a filter, used to filter the natural water and food.
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especially when applied to the welding structure, in the second generation of duplex stainless steel double chain on the basis of the development of the stainless steel body, SAF, URN +, Zeron, S, CrNiMoN other brands, from austenite and ferrite structure Fe layer structure, two dual characteristics of austenitic stainless steel is a ferritic stainless steel.
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stainless steel net, as you know, using stainless steel net in some time in the future, in the overview screen filter impurities will appear a lot of, if not clear in time, will affect filtration precision, resulting in product quality closes nevertheless, it is very important to make the stainless steel filter cleaning schedule, but we must be sure.
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stainless steel crimped wire mesh is now widely used in food, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, metallurgy, machinery, protection, construction, handicrafts and other industries. Formula weight:? 吗? 吗? 。 / ( + through hole line) = number of the wire mesh warp warp number * * * length * width / + O O F the curved tracks on the stainless steel crimped = kilograms features: the specific treatment of textile, flat surface, solid, durable.
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compared with stainless steel mesh belt, the service life of the common network with very short, because the application of our environment is very chaotic, such as high temperature, corrosion, etc. As is known to all, stainless steel mesh belt with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high strength characteristics.
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stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel net leakage appearance screen cleaning, acid pickling and passivation, corrosion resistance, in addition to the maximum progress also has the products, in order to avoid pollution, to achieve the effect of beautiful. In years of GBl rules 'steel pressure vessel', a composite steel container of stainless steel and anti-corrosion requirements shall be produced by the appearance of the acid passivation. '
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the current popular tea stain fabric mesh classification method can from the square, rectangular mesh, mesh prism mesh and other mesh on the surface to be Shared.
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