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In recent years, steel grid plate in the domestic many engineering get extensive application, then the advantages of steel case board embodied in what aspects? Below for everyone to introduce in detail: save the use amount of steel: steel grid plate under the same load conditions most save steel consumption, can reduce the material of the supporting structure accordingly. The appearance of modern style. Beautiful shape, design specification, ventilation pervious to light, give a person with overall smooth modern feel. Due to the steel ladder ( Stair step plate) Using grid design so can greatly reduce the wind resistance: for good ventilation, meet wind wind resistance is small, to reduce wind damage. CAD computer design is simple: no small beam, simple structure, simplified design; Without steel grid plate design detail, only indicate the model. The manufacturer can design layout diagram generation of the customer. Pre-installed worker construction is simple: good support with bolt clip on solid, one person can complete. Can reduce investment, save material, save human, save time, free of cleaning and maintenance. Installation time is short, can greatly save time: the products without the scene processing, installed very quickly. Durability: before delivery by hot dipping zinc corrosion, corrosion resistance, is the use time of pattern plate several times. Grid structure dirt deposition prevention: no rain, snow and ice and dust. Ventilation, lighting, cooling, explosion-proof, non-slip performance is good. Ditch cover plate ( Ditch cover plate) Little with light structure, material, structure light. Through the understanding of the above content, believe everybody knows which embodies the superiority of the steel grid board, what is the role, let everybody in use process to better play its use.
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