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Introduce methods for model selection of stainless steel wire mesh conveyor under __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Metal mesh chain conveyer with carbon steel mesh chain conveyer and stainless steel net conveyer chain series, meantime to stainless steel
the chain conveyer is most. In the China open chain conveyer is particularly important in the selection of different use environment models and parameters are not the same. Stainless steel wire mesh chain shipping way: (pause type 1) Primary concluded that using the environment temperature, humidity, corrosive, after these to select correct stainless steel net conveyer chain material, wire diameter, airframe strength. ( 2) To know the delivery of material basis on shape, density, after picking the right shape mesh parameter, calculated by density of weight per unit area and then choose mesh belt wire diameter, the strut strength, chain intrusive ( No chain pick roller driven) To select stainless steel net conveyer chain. ( 3) Stainless steel net conveyer chain contact speed is proportional to the output, after the total weight and shipping rate to calculate the output, so as to achieve production 150% advisable. ( 4) Stainless steel wire mesh chain shipping mechanical and electrical machine power and speed ratio, on the basis of the total load rapidly the motor required torque calculated the appropriate power and speed ratio, it is advisable to reach the required 150%. Details of above parameters is selected stainless steel net conveyer chain must material, as long as reasonable matching transport equipment is qualified. Stainless steel net conveyer chain greatly promote its unique characteristics in transport category, especially in dry, clean working environment network chain conveyer is more like the only transport machinery available now. Throughout the transport equipment market trends in recent years, metal mesh chain conveyer in 2018 could use more. Primary analysis from the function of metal mesh chain conveyer, its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, bearing belt conveyer is the characteristic of a large foundation is unattainable, whether ship practice is still dry, clean, it from general Q235 to sus304, sus316 has a corresponding materials. Analysis from the price again, where the purchase price seems high, but the ship captain taking net chain its price up to the first ( A good practice for 3 years) 。 Generally, metal mesh chain conveyer characteristic is used to scale wide, long life, model selection, which proved more future stainless steel net conveyer chain inevitable market is becoming more and more big.
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