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Installed with goat breeding technology

Installed with goats are native to a meat goat breeds in our country, fertility is strong, growth performance is good, not only has good value of meat, sheepskin is also very good, it is installed with a goat.

are goats suitable for wide promotion region, south of the Yangtze river in China provinces can be farmed, in order to adapt to the breeding of southern humid area, and installed with a goat like drying characteristics, breeding elevated barn installed with goats suitable construction, form a sheep on the floor. Choose terrain xiangyang, high and dry, well drained. Conditional word, roof adopts thermal insulation material, to ensure that the sheep pen dry, ventilated. Sheep house area per sheep, on average, covers an area of 1. 5 - 2. 5 square meter design, sheep house can be built two layers, the first layer without walls or on three sides around the wall, the ground to build a certain slope, and the second live sheep, the sheep using leak floor, sheep paved with wood or bamboo bed, clearance with dung was just fell down advisable, general distance of 1. 2 - 1. 6 cm, surrounded by a fence, sheep bed ground is not lower than 0. 8 meters, sheep small farmers, according to the actual situation, it will sheep building build simple some, and large-scale farms sheep house construction can be beautiful and practical, durable, outside the sheep house may have a playground, area can be appropriate from place to place, and the general area of 2 - sheep house area Three times, the ground should be dry, easy to clean as well.
sheep pen is ready, the float goats eat what? Installed with a goat to three meals a day no too high demands mainly green feed, roughage, succulent feedstuff is given priority to, adding some concentrate. What kind of specific feed, can adjust measures to local conditions, according to local actual condition to decide, and more green feed to taro find grass, grass Mai grass and other high quality forage grass, succulent feed is some root, stem, such as sweet potatoes, squash, etc. Concentrate including corn, wheat bran, rice bran, cake class feed, bone powder, salt, etc. Green feed at the fed, as far as possible with a straw cutter to cut it short, grass can be broken, so that the sheep to eat not waste also easier to digest, better palatability. In winter and spring grass, a flock of sheep grazing alone is difficult to meet their nutritional needs, so in the winter and spring season 2 a half day grazing, semidiurnal supplementary feeding, this can avoid the sheep consumption energy, but also achieve the goal of sheep BaoBiao. Can be divided into two supplies in the morning and evening, winter and spring supplementary feeding hay hay for peanut straw, haulm, weeds, etc. ; Also can supply silage. 1 adult sheep supplementary feeding hay every day 0. 5 - 1. 0 kg or silage 1 - 2 kg. If less number of sheep, grass can be put in the basket, to lift the basket to feeding; Number of mutton sheep, but homemade grass feed grass, can also be bundled up grass, hanging from the height of the sheep can eat to feed. Supplementary feeding concentrate can be a feed at night. Each adult sheep feed every day 0. 2 - 0. 3 kg, usable valley powder, corn flour, rice bran, mixed concentrate a bean cake, etc. Pay attention to the late pregnancy, lactation ewes and lambs supplementary feeding and the supply of protein, minerals, vitamin. Don't let the sheep drink water and frozen water.

goats is main or to reproduce, into this link, raise animals for breeding sheep before mating 1 ~ 1. Five months, breeding ewes fatten rejuvenation, supply nutrients for breeding pregnancy, especially the ewe body condition is bad, want to short-term optimal feeding and supplementary feeding more concentrate, make the sheep body condition is consistent, neat estrus, lambing concentrated, easy to management. Pregnant ewes after mating, the first 3 months in addition to guarantee adequate supply QingCu feed, supplementary feeding with concentrate 200 grams per day. After 3 months, supplementary feeding with concentrate 300 ~ 500 grams a day, every day should also be supplementary feeding each salt 10 ~ 15 g. Should exercise at the same time, should put fine breeding sheep to a flat place to eat grass in the sun; Don't scare ewes; Discrepancy circle door control, prevent caused by heavy machinery. Also, note that the isolation, pregnant sheep daily don't mixed with the ram, and adult sheep herding, touch the crawling and collision to prevent disorderly ewes, also do not close together with other sheep eating grass to rest. Forage grass must pay attention to the green stem collocation, don't let the sheep eat dew water and rain water and mildew corruption of forage grass. Feeding to timing quantitative, pay attention to the grass, material, water cleaning and hygiene, the feed gone mouldy forage, do net: net, net, net water, grass, ring net, net, net groove, the sheep body to prevent the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms, or abortion for feed poisoning.

the question of medical and epidemic prevention, raise animals regularly according to the epidemic prevention vaccination program, observe the state of the sheep, found disease treatment. Pay special attention to the hot weather at noon to group, to prevent her hot dead sheep. Pregnant ewes for illness, don't feed the laxative, diuretics, uterotonic or other strong medicine, lest caused by improper drug abortion.

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