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Increase urban stainless steel screen mesh - what's the specification Stainless steel wire mesh


stainless steel wire is mainly intergranular fracture of brittle fracture, the artificial fracture and fracture of normal steel pits, indicates that most of the stainless steel wire mesh filament belonged to stress corrosion cracking. Stress corrosion residual stress caused by this method and sensitive screen media environment is the main reason of stress corrosion of steel break.
I used to adjust the level of value of the type of screen, in addition to standardized specifications, in addition to my personal screen sizes, different models specifications specifications using standard steel screen surface integration rather than the standard keane, but induction summary the most lunch oh function advantage, advantage.
about how to remove the surface, and attached to the stainless steel screen mesh on the surface of the white acid stainless steel net rainbow pattern. Immediately wash with water, soaking in ammonia or neutral fizzy soda solution in the solution, and then use neutral detergent or hot water washing. Rainbow pattern, which is caused by excessive use of detergents or oil, the surface of the stainless steel wire mesh can be used in warm water and detergent washing is washing.
the poor quality of powder; This is mainly because, like powder particle size. This will lead to the powder did not melt at high temperature long enough, so its adsorption capacity of natural smaller. The high quality stainless steel wire mesh; Stainless steel wire mesh is the most important of the spraying, if it is necessary to clean, dust-free surface can't have, can not have more fat.
as a kind of common material conveying equipment, stainless steel wire mesh belt should not be surprising. Stainless steel mesh belt can in certain transportation line general material from the feed point to the point of discharge. Stainless steel mesh belt has smooth surface, high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, good air permeability, not easy deformation, etc. Because the stainless steel mesh belt has many excellent characteristics, so the plan is very broad.
with stainless steel screen mesh common damage is half the problem, you can still use. The winding layer of the stainless steel screen mesh, typically by stainless steel wire mesh at the top of winding drum, sometimes because of improper operation, may appear the top stainless steel sieve drum winding phenomenon, when the winding line will be a serious deformation, cannot use.
stainless steel screen mesh materials decomposition method is what? Raw material identification method: the chemical formula for crmnni crni, nickel chromium element, is the main difference between them is chrome nickel and manganese element, as element chromium and nickel elements, therefore, they have many different on color, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.
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