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In the name of the type and stainless steel wire mesh

The types of stainless steel wire mesh and name

the kinds of stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh phyletic and various, classification method varied also. Depending on the stainless steel screen classification method, this paper will make a detailed classification introduced stainless steel wire mesh.

many products including stainless steel wire mesh products include a lot of kinds, according to the different classification standards, stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into the following kinds.

( ) Stainless steel wire mesh series: plain weave stainless steel net, stainless steel twill weave net, stainless steel wide net, stainless steel mat type nets, stainless steel welded wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh.

( ) Crimped wire mesh series: stainless steel crimped wire mesh, black wire, crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, galvanized steel wire of high carbon steel wire crimped wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh.

( ) Nickel screen series: type: plain weave, weave stainless steel wire mesh, such as

( ) Mine screen mesh series, filter tubes, Johnson web, arc sieve, stainless steel welded mesh, screen mesh to sew, centrifugal screen basket, sieving slice.

( ) Punching net series, round groove, groove, combination pass and pass microporous halftone, laser punching net, net chemical etching stainless steel wire mesh, etc.

( ) Steel net series: stainless steel net, aluminum plate mesh, galvanized net, iron nets, nickel plate mesh, titanium plate mesh, silver plate mesh, copper mesh, precision steel mesh, diamond steel net, steel net, such as stainless steel wire mesh.

( ) Filter series: filter, stainless steel on top, the net basket, stainless steel sintering network, filter cylinder, corrugated filter, cylindrical filter, filter plate, sintered stainless steel wire mesh filter, conical filter, basket filters, wedge net filter, dust removal filter cylinder, disc filter, other filter material such as stainless steel wire mesh deep processing.

( ) Gas-liquid filter, corrugated packing, sample sieve, such as stainless steel wire mesh.

( ) Defoaming machine

( ) Other materials woven wire mesh series, titanium wire mesh, molybdenum wire mesh, silver mesh, wire mesh, tungsten wire mesh, iron flipping aluminum wire, monel wire mesh, hartz C alloy wire mesh, nickel titanium alloy wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh.

( ) Conveyor mesh belt series: all kinds of conveyor mesh belt style.

( ) Aluminum suspension nets, battery private networks.

( ) All kinds of decorative stainless steel wire mesh

( ) Black wire cloth and galvanized wire mesh

( ) Aluminum foil mesh, silver net, nickel foil mesh, titanium foil mesh etc.

( ) Screen mesh nylon net, amido

( ) Stone cage net, etc
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