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screen specifications often per unit of length ( Mesh) The number of holes, but also useful said the width of each hole. China's national standard is expressed as the number of holes per square centimeter, such as holes per square centimeter.
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show with the selection and maintenance. Fair selection class plough, according to the real-time adjustment along the transition season is correct installation, plus shading technology winter maintenance of stainless steel wire mesh method can also extend the service life of the belt.
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in life of many disadvantages, such as pH, temperature, etc. This is to be used in according to the national index production, long life, get rid of the shortcomings of the general network selection, joining from many companies to develop high-tech, first choice now. Using this method is also very fast, don't need maintenance personnel often to save a lot of manpower and money, so the choice of stainless steel wire mesh is so many advantages.

jining stainless steel wire mesh fabric how said the product is the interval between many test, which not only have played an important role to maintain, improve the effect of the visual appearance. Personalized color choices, can free collocation with stainless steel mesh according to your demand, make match your individual needs and environment.
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the combination of heat treatment temperature, holding time and the selection of the cooling system is particularly important. In addition, the shearing strength of the heat treatment system on the stainless steel net also has a great influence. The CrNiT + Mn stainless steel network example, when the heat treatment temperature is higher than ℃, coarse grains matrix, and the shear strength decreases significantly, but with the increase of heat treatment temperature, impact toughness, bending properties and elongation increased significantly.
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it is widely used in acid, alkali conditions screening and filter, chemical packing, oil and other screen capture. And complex screen anti-corrosion stainless steel production and external container shall, in accordance with the provisions of pickling passivation this is for the filters used in the petrochemical industry. Because these devices applied in direct touch with the corrosive medium, from left to right, to ensure that the corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance were put forward pickling passivation is necessary.
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it is the difference between high yield and low yield, 2 it is to load, it fully reflects the application of the comprehensive application and development space, its purpose is to determine the basic application of the standard size.
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