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stainless steel mesh features: to filter directly, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, no leakage, renewable performance is good, regeneration speed is quick, convenient installation, high efficiency, long service life.
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application conveyor belt as a transportation equipment, widely used in daily life, we've already delivery network concept, so they are usually used in industrial conveyor belt said? It is mainly engaged in what work? Let us down again. As its name suggests, the concept of a single of the belt, we can get a general idea of conveyor belt is used to transport goods.
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stainless steel wire to the plant, the starting material of heat treatment; Smoothing processing, to promote the process of chemical treatment and physical treatment outside the cold deformation of stainless steel wire. Acid and phosphoric acid as semi-finished hot-rolled wire rod or wire after heat treatment, with hard and brittle iron skin appearance, on the one hand, scale effect after lubrication coating step process stability cannot and the combination of stainless steel base material. How much
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the stable product quality, under the numerical HRC hardness, based on the production quality guarantee steady; Adjust depends on the size of the product temperature and time were manually unnecessarily complicated changes to determine the power production.
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because of the need to wire drawing, diameter, weaving, flat screen, so in the production of stainless steel wire mesh inevitably to some oil, which requires the appearance of silk screen cleaning and descaling, to ensure the appearance and quality. Stainless steel screen appearance of grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution with a soft cloth scrub, then brush brush with ammonia or special agent or neutral cleaning agent.
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validation precision accurate weaving is divided into three levels: precision, mesh must not exceed eviation restrictions; 吗? Precision level above? Yongjiaxian sanjing less than? Main item and net hole the size of the test arithmetic mean. To test the quality of the metal basketwork cannot screen manufacturing defects in the production process, in general, rolled piece. How about stainless steel net in maoming city

stainless steel wire mesh is one of the best quality products in the screen. Stainless steel screen mesh and stainless steel mesh is the most widely used in industry and life wire mesh products. Stainless steel screen mesh and stainless steel mesh is one of the stainless steel wire mesh products. What's the difference between them? Stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mesh with stainless steel wire should be soft.
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