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How to solve the problem such as stainless steel screen pack packaging transportation and storage of __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Stainless steel stainless steel screen mesh attached to each screen should sign, the sign should be marked on the product model, the material brand, manufacturer name, production date and factory number. Screen pack, packing should fit into sea and land transport requirements. Cases should have obvious markers, packing storage graphic symbol should agree with the provisions of GB 191, outside the box word mark should include: shipping and shipping unit name. Receiving station name and receiving unit; Product name, quantity; Gross weight, net weight; The shipping number. Screen is not allowed in open air, cushion flat stored in dry and non-corrosive indoor. You should know the stainless steel screen mesh of stainless steel screen stainless steel screen don't know what we know about stainless steel screen mesh what? Maybe we heard the name of the branch don't think it's special. Actually otherwise, in the society and it is necessary to use some industrial. So what is it? Let me to introduce the stainless steel mesh. Stainless steel selected network can be used to filter, and we usually choose is the same thing, stainless steel filter like some mining, aviation, probably needs to use protection requirements, it is. Its appearance is very lubrication, and will not rust. In many unlucky under the condition of livelihood, such as acid and alkali, high temperature environment, and so on. It is a serious according to the national index to production, use of life is also very long, to get rid of the selected network general disadvantage, joined the high-tech development, is now a lot of companies don't pick two. Using the method is also very quick, do not demand people often go to maintain, save a lot of manpower and capital, so choose stainless steel net advantage is so much.
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